Where to go on holiday In May

There’s a beach for every day of the year in Antigua and now is a great time to go, as it’s quieter than the peak winter months and sunny without the heavier summer climate. Humidity in China is lower than other times of the year so exploring the Great Wall is much more comfortable. For somewhere closer to home, the Mediterranean starts to warm up and the vibrant coastal towns and gentle beaches of Italy are perfect for idling around without the crowds of summer. Elsewhere, diving and snorkelling in North Queensland are incredible. Speak to your personal travel expert or pop into one of our local stores and start planning your perfect May escape today.


Antigua’s year-round sunshine and hot, tropical climate (tempered with a cooling breeze) make it an irresistible destination for a laid-back beach break with Caribbean soul – and there’s a beach for every day of the year. Temperatures in May average around 30°C and it’s the last month of dry Antigua climate before the humidity and rainfall begins to increase over the summer. Availability tends to be better in May compared to the peak winter and spring months.

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Spring and autumn are the best times to visit China. In May, there’s less chance of rainfall and a higher chance of warm temperatures with low humidity than other times of the year. It tends to be drier in the north so it’s an ideal time of year to visit the Great Wall of China, especially as crowds tend to be thinner compared to the hot touristy summer and it can get very cold and icy during winter.

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The Mediterranean starts to heat up in May but remains pleasant and mild compared to the high heat of the summer months – temperatures hover around the 20s. Beaches, restaurants and hotels are gearing up for the season ahead but it’s a lot less crowded and pricey if you avoid bank holiday and half term. May is a great time for peaceful beach days in the south and visiting cities like Venice, Florence and Rome without too many touristy queues.

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Mountains, forests, beaches, lakes and incredible wildlife: Canada has anarray of spectacular natural attractions. May sees spring in action, though winter has only just ended in the north: forests and wildflowers have emerged from the melting snow; temperatures are in the teens; and for wildlife this is optimal timing as hibernation has ended and grizzly bears, migratory birds plus whales are on the hunt. Whether you’re out in the countryside or staying in a city, remember to pack your waterproof jacket.

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Consistently dry and sunny weather, which allows for excellent diving and mountain climbing conditions, plus fewer crowds make May a great time to visit Bali. It’s also a great month for finding a good deal, and being Bali’s hottest month, with temperatures averaging a maximum of 29°C, there’s no need to compromise on a lovely beach break at one of our handpicked five-star hotels.

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Tropical Australia - Northern Territory & North Queensland

Steamy rainforest and red desert meets kaleidoscopic reef: holidays to Tropical Australia are all about adventure and luxury in the Northern Territory and North Queensland. The sun shines all year in Queensland, although the best time to visit is in May when it’s dry season as temperatures stick to the 20s, the water is a balmy 25°C, and for snorkelling and diving the visibility is good. At its coolest, this is also the best time to visit the Red Centre and explore iconic sites like Uluru and the plains, rivers and marshes of Kakadu National Park, away from the heat and humidity of the hotter months.

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