Kuoni’s Worldwide Travel Report

Kuoni has set the pace in premium travel for the past 55 years. Throughout that time, we’ve set out to be a leader of luxury. Each year we create our Worldwide Travel Report where we look back at the past 12 months and ahead to next year to see what’s shaping the way we travel. Find out more about the most interesting travel trends for the year ahead, what’s new in eco-tourism and the top 25 most-booked luxury destinations.

Our Top Destinations for 2024

One of the most sought after destinations in 2024 is Mauritius, with its subtropical climate, it's a blissfull all year round destination. Other favourites include the likes of Greece, Sri Lanka, Portugal, South Africa and Canada. Destinations like Canada are enjoying an upturn in sales with independent self-drive trips and rail and sail holidays, and a bit closer to home Portugal and Greece are the stand-out places for premium short-haul travel. In tune with the experiential travel wave.

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Responsible Travel

The drive for customers wanting to travel responsibly has created incredible partnerships and initiatives. We want to keep the world beautiful for future generations to enjoy and, practising what we preach, Kuoni launched its partnership with Engage last year enabling us to promote featured hotel that have earned internationally recognised and independently verified sustainability certification. These hotels meet the strict criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), which covers sustainable management, environmental protection, supporting local communities and promoting cultural heritage. When you stay in an engage hotel, you can rest assured that your stay is supporting positive action for our planet and worldwide communities. Find out more about what’s trending in eco-tourism.

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