Teas of the world

In warmer temperatures it serves to cool us, and in colder months it warms us, making us feel all happy inside. That's why after water, tea is the most consumed drink in the world.

From the ancient Chinese Dynasty to the present day, tea is used to relax us, heal us and form part of important rituals worldwide. Grown and produced in some of the world's most beautiful plantations and gardens, you can discover a world of artisan-crafted teas each with their own distinctive tastes and individual characteristics. 

If you love travelling and want to discover a world of tea for yourself from Rooibos in South Africa, Sencha in Japan, Java Malabar in Indonesia to Ceylon in Sri Lanka, Lotus in Vietnam, Assam in India or Longjiong from China, then take a look at our quick and easy guide.

Teas of the world


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