Our favourite travel memories

When you've had one too many zoom calls, or you're pounding the pavement on the familiar neighbourhood walk, your mind may wander back to that perfect holiday memory. Perhaps you think back to that spine-tingling moment when you caught a glimpse of the Maldives jewel-like atolls from the plane window, or that time on safari when you came across a pride of lions lounging lazily under acacia trees.

Travel is all about embracing extraordinary moments that take us away from the everyday. In celebration of new adventures on the horizon, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane and recall some of the incredible places we've travelled to over the years. We asked our experts to share their favourite travel memories.

Climbing the lion, Sri Lanka 

"Not long ago, I went on an amazing trip to Sri Lanka. The highlight of my visit was climbing the almighty Sigiriya (meaning 'lion') Rock. To get to the top, you have to climb 1200 steps in the 30-degree heat which is no easy feat! But the effort is well worth it. The feeling of achievement once you get to the top is exhilarating. The view from the summit is absolutely worth the hike."

Natasha Lambourne-Smith, Indian Ocean Destination Expert, Virtual Contact Centre

Aerial view of Sigiriya Rock

Forest family time with the bears in Canada

"Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest stretches along British Columbia’s western edge, where mountains spill down into deep inlets and salmon-rich rivers snake flow onto emerald-green estuaries. Sedge beds at the river’s end create a spring-time buffet for grizzly bears before the summer berries start to grow and the salmon runs begin in the autumn. The extended moments we spent with this beautiful sow and her 16-month-old cub as they fed, explored and played were an unforgettable and unrivalled wildlife experience."

Emma Tibbetts, Content Executive

Seeing the Taj Mahal at sunrise

"I have always dreamt of seeing the Taj Mahal. It was well worth the 4am start to watch the sunrise, which captured my heart and left me just standing feeling in awe of this magnificent palace. Because of its fascinating history so you feel a sense of love and it truly does leave you speechless."

Nicole Winter, Store Manager, Kuoni Bluewater

Taking to the skies in Turkey

"Cappadocia had been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember, and it did not disappoint. The highlight was the early morning hot air balloon flight which was an incredibly calming experience. It’s such a smooth transition into the air and the views can be magical. It still doesn’t feel real that I have been and experienced it."

Hannah Wright, Destination Expert

Wine tasting and tropical sunsets in Mauritius

"We enjoyed a complimentary wine-tasting session at The Oberoi Beach Resort Mauritius in their Gunpowder Room - an old, stone building with lots of history. When we came out it was the most beautiful evening on the beach - the sea was calm, and the purple sky was dotted with pink clouds as the sun set. A beautiful sight and contrast to the cool, dark Gunpowder Room."

Claire Bodie, Marketing Executive

Swimming with Sea Turtles, Maldives 

"I was lucky enough to stay at Kandolhu in the Maldives, which has a marine-rich house reef. Our guide took us on a snorkelling safari around the pint-sized island and we got to swim alongside adorable turtles and neon-coloured fish; it was like being in a dream. I remember bobbing about in the sparkling ocean, looking back at the little Robinson Crusoe-esque island and thinking that this is paradise!" 

Monique Williams, Long Haul Programme Manager

Befriending gentle giants in Sri Lanka

"One of my favourite memories of my trip to Sri Lanka was relaxing by the pool at Cinnamon Lodge. Suddenly, a herd of Elephants traipsed nonchalantly through the trees and began grazing on the leafy foliage. The sun was setting, and there was an ethereal glow cast over the scene; it was such an unforgettable moment."

Linda Taylor, Personal Travel Expert, Kuoni Metro Centre

Above and beyond in the Maldives

"Milaidhoo is out of this world, and the snorkelling was among the best I've experienced in the Maldives. The Shoreline Grill restaurant is phenomenal. We dined on the most delicious steaks while sitting under the stars with our feet in the sand. The spa creates a smoothie of the day that was delicious. During breakfast the following day, I told our villa host how much I loved it and she got the chef to make another one for me. I didn’t even need to ask, the staff just really go above and beyond."

Alison Todd, Team Leader Indian Ocean, Virtual Contact Centre

Searching for Shere Khan, India 

"When I went to India, I'd arranged game drives at Ranthambore National Park in the hopes of seeing tigers. We spent a day darting around the jungle, seeing plenty of wildlife, but as the day drew in, it was looking unlikely that we’d find any of the most elusive residents. Then our driver got a radio call, and suddenly he sped up and hurtled around the park's vistas and viewpoints. A tiger had been spotted, and he was determined to find him! Eventually, we pulled up to a watering hole, and in the distance, we saw a flash of orange and black slink through the trees. We drove on and moments later, a magnificent tiger strode proudly across the road and stopped right in front of our jeep."

Richard Pearson, Destination Expert, Virtual Call Centre

Finding peace in the Maldives

"These pictures were captured at Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives, in the early hours during a moment of peace on the villa's rooftop deck. It was stunning and incredibly peaceful, I felt so grateful to have been able to capture it."

Katie Summers, Sales Support

Life at the top, Antigua  

"A must-do when in Antigua is a trip to the Shirley Heights Sunday beach party. Beforehand, we only knew it was a great place to watch the sunset and have some food but it was so much more. When you arrive, it looks like it is just a little shack, but then you walk through and discover a lively terrace perfumed with mouth-watering barbecue aromas the smoky ribs were divine. The best part is when you walk outside and the view takes your breath away! English harbour is laid out below, with a golden sunset as the backdrop. The atmosphere is electric with the sounds of steel drums, singing and reggae bands. It's a great way to experience the colourful culture of Antigua."

Eve Jetten, Personal Travel Expert, Kuoni Metro Centre

Getting to know gorillas in Rwanda

"Visiting Rwanda was one of the most unforgettable and amazing travel experiences I have ever had. It is a wonderful and beautiful country, we had time to visit different areas including Kigali, Lake Kivu, the incredible Nyungwe National Park and the Volcanoes National Park, home to the majestic mountain gorillas. Seeing these incredible animals up close in their natural habitat was simply unbelievable, it is hard to describe how fabulous they are, and they love to pose for a photo! If this is something you have thought about doing, think no more, you must go. It is one of the best trips you will ever do."

Denise Gadsby-Thompson, Assistant Store Manager

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