Discover Antigua's Best Bits

Surrounded by a seemingly never-ending lining of white sand and hidden coves, Antigua promises a beach for every day of the year – and it truly delivers. But cloud-less blue skies, a warm climate, sandy paradise and a cool glass of Caribbean rum isn’t all that this charming island has to offer.

Dig deeper and you’ll soon find that Antigua offers exhilarating rainforest tours, quaint colonial towns with local craft markets, well-known historical sites, endless sporting activities and hidden restaurants packed full of flavour.

Read our guide and you’ll soon know what to see and do, where to relax, eat and shop, as well as when to visit…

Where to relax in Antigua

  • Fryes Beach – One of the quieter beaches on the island, just south of Jolly Harbour, these sands are pristine. Enjoy a Caribbean-infused picnic and nap on its pure shores.
  • Darkwood Beach – A beach with some of the clearest waters on the island, either enjoy an afternoon paddle or relax on its white sands in front of a backdrop of lush hilltops and tropical forestry.
  • Half Moon Bay Beach – During the week, this beach is virtually deserted – a picture of serenity. So make the most of its spectacular views, unending sunshine and glistening waters.
  • Non Such Bay – Head to this largely undiscovered part of east Antigua and you’ll uncover an untouched bay that’s just waiting to be explored. Make sure you visit Devil’s Bridge’s dancing waves whilst you’re there.
  • Fort Bay Beach – The closest beach to St John’s, see what the capital has to offer before heading to softer shores and joining the locals for a game of cricket.
  • Hawksbill Beach – One of Antigua’s most stunning beaches, Hawksbill is a heaven for sun-seekers, both local and visiting just for the day. A unique Caribbean hideaway, you’ll be surrounded by 37 acres of beautiful tropical flora and fauna.
  • Mosquito Cove Beach – A real hidden gem, only known by immediate locals, avid yachters and intrepid sailers, this cove is a jewel waiting to be discovered. Perfect for couples wanting a day of secluded romance.
  • Runaway Beach – You’ll never have seen sands as white as these virtually anywhere else in the world. Aptly named Runaway Beach is also another quiet spot on the island; with calm waters it makes it one of the most ideal beaches from which to take a dip.

What to see in Antigua

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